Vaccination And Communism, Why I Am Against Both.

Starting from January 1 this year, mandatory vaccination has finally arrived here in Australia. Any parents who consciously object to vaccinating their children will lose a raft of childcare and welfare payments, many of these parents are also openly ridiculed and blamed by pro-vaxxers and the media for their choice, all in an attempt to whip them back in line with what the greater society deems as “right”. One just need to open up the paper to see all the guilt-tripping, blaming and illogical arguments that are being used by the pro-vaxxers.

The argument for vaccination is all about “pro-life” – it helps prevent infectious diseases and saves lives. Who could possibly argue against it? Anyone who dares to oppose it will be attacked by the righteous mob who is backed by the government and its policies as well as the “science” community who provides the “evidence”.

To anyone who is familiar with the modern history of the East, particularly Chinese histroy, this phenomena eerily resembles that of the rise of Communism in China. By definition, Communism is a system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. Sounds damn good on paper doesn’t it? Who in their right minds would be against equality? But in practice, communism brought not equality but death and suffering for millions of Chinese, and the effect is still being felt in the Chinese society today. So how did it happen? Through cultural revolution! In order to reestablish his control over the country and the party, silence any opposing voices and factions, Mao, instigated his supporters -the red guards made up mostly of students, to remove any “revisionists” through public humiliation, torture, illegal imprisonment and many other methods of unspeakable horror.

As you can see, there often is a massive difference between ideals and practices. I am against Communism not because I am against equality, but how it is being carried out. I am against vaccination not because I am against preventing diseases or I want to cause harm to the society, I am against how this is being done in the real world. One only need to look into the ingredients of vaccines to realize that it is made up of more than just deactivated viruses. Any well informed parents would be cautious about injecting aluminum, formaldehyde, benzethonium chloride and many other chemicals into a new born child whose immunity has yet fully developed.

There are many other arguments against vaccination which I will not get into today – but you can easily find them on the internet. All I am urging is for parents to put aside any preconceived ideas about vaccination and look hard and deep into what this issue is really about. If vaccination really is about preventing diseases just like communism is about equality then why are there people out there speaking up against it? Are they really as mad and stupid and uninformed as they are made out to be? Or are you not seeing what they see? The choice is yours, and I sincerely hope your choice is based on logic, evidence, and rationality.

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